I have made a number of recordings. Here are the latest ones;
you can listen to a sample of each CD by clicking on the links below and pressing the play button. They are also available on iTunes and from Amazon.

The Sound Within
released Autumn 2015
improvisations for flute, alto flute, saxophone, drums & percussion
includes The Sunset Raga & Resonance

with Trevor Taylor & Chris Caldwell
Three Meditations
Released June 2013 as download; CD now available
Music for flute and gamelan
These meditations are an offering to help clear our mind and touch the vastness beyond, bringing you into a deep place of relaxation. A perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle that surrounds our every day life.
The Tao of Homeopathy

Released 2012/13. Subtle flavours of the flute and gamelan accompany a reading by Ian Watson, the author of the book, The Tao of Homeopathy.

Northern Lights

This album is a collection of musical landscapes for flute, soprano saxophone and guitar with music by Stephen Goss. The recording includes the solo flute piece which was written for me, The Sea of the Edge as well as some beautiful Welsh folksongs.

hauntingly desolate...utterly captivating
The Independent **** June 2011

Mariner's Way

This includes three tracks inspired by the Alaskan Essences: Gigha Quartz, Reindeer Moss & Celestite
The music here explores the mythical journey of the mariner, travelling across Dartmoor, on the ancient track known as the Mariner's Way.

...the flute whispers delicately...
...the deep resonances of flautist Susie Hodder-Williams The Wire, February 2011
 ...the pure-toned, immensely suspense-filled flute Downtown Music Gallery, New York, December 2010

Manataka: the unbroken circle

The Coracle of Life
Inspired by the sculptures of Andre Wallis