Thursday, September 6, 2012


Tears of joy engulfed me as I entered the Olympic Park yesterday, greeted by a sea of echinacea, rubeckia, japanese anenomes and fishing rod grasses. My heart opened to the enormity of the whole event, the sea of people, the mass of colour and the gentleness and joyfulness of everyone around. I had the priviledge to watch the goal ball, played in the Copperbox in complete silence. It was so moving to be amongst a crowd, so large, but in total silence, hearing only the light bells ringing within the ball, like the gentle song of a babies rattle; watching the players (only three in a team) stretching their whole body, extending themselves sideways on the ground, stetching as far as possible hoping to deflect the ball. A wave of cosmos waved in the breeze as I left and headed to the Royal Albert Hall for an evening of John Adams: pulsating, upbeat and a another wave of rhythmic energy that got straight in my bones and still hasn't left this morning. Healing stuff.